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Love My Work Place Glasses
September 12, 2018

Love My Work Place Glasses

I am going to admit something to you that I probably shouldn’t……are you ready?  Yesterday I drove home in my “work place” glasses.  Yikes! Many of you may be saying, ‘what are work place glasses’ and others of you that have them are probably saying, ‘I’ve done the same thing’. 

If you are approaching half a century in chronologic age, you have probably noticed in our digital world that your standard progressive works well at the computer but not perfectly.  That is because in a standard progressive lens the power gradually improves as you look down through the lens.  Yet where do we look at our computer in today’s world?  Typically, straight ahead (ideally 20 degrees below the horizon).  The other factor that we know is that to put every power needed in a progressive lens there must be some compromises.  One of the compromises is that the computer range power has the narrowest field of vision.  Since we now use wider and wider monitors, this means the standard progressive requires you to move your head more side to side.  Even though the designs have become much better, for instance in the
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