Performance Vision Therapy

Good vision requires your eyesight, visual pathways, and brain to all work together. When they don't, even a person with 20/20 eyesight can experience difficulty reading, writing and processing information. Many binocular vision disorders or visual processing problems are best resolved through an individualized program of vision therapy. Vision therapy works best on children ages 3-18 and can be used to treat eyestrain and fatigue, difficulty focusing, reading comprehension, skipping words or lines when reading, eye turns, double vision, headaches, poor handwriting, poor eye-hand coordination, letter reversals, letter recognition, and attention deficits.

If you have experienced difficulty with any of the visual tasks above, please give us a call to schedule your initial assessment with our developmental optometrist, Dr. Rachelle Altstadt. Dr. Altstadt will perform a detailed sensorimotor and binocular vision assessment along with a battery of developmental tests to evaluate your visual system and processing skills.



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