The Dry Eye Center of Excellence

The Dry Eye Center of Excellence at Cool Springs EyeCare and Donelson EyeCare started in the fall of 2010. This "clinic within a clinic specializes in addressing dry eye and the conditions that cause it. Nearly six million women and three million men in the United States suffer moderate to severe symptoms of the condition. Moreover, it's estimated that the rate of diagnosis of dry eye is shockingly low, at approximately 5 percent. Dry eye can be difficult to diagnose for a variety of reasons. It's most prevalent in women over the age of 50.

You can read a lot more about dry eye at the Dry Eye Information Central. If you believe you may be suffering from dry eye, you can schedule an appointment directly with the Dry Eye Center of Excellence at either our Cool Springs location or our Donelson location. More great information on dry eyes is at

Our goals are the same as yours: To ensure a lifetime of great eye health for you and your family.